From InsaneGaming to Lostik

The History/Past

After Insane Gaming was founded there was only one League of Legends team, but Greggie insisted on increasing the variety towards other games, thus we seeked out more teams in different games.

For a while everything fared well and without suspecting anything Greggie went to the military, that's when unrest and unpleasantness struck the community. Parts of the management were unable to handle or had even been inciting the disaster. Without notice nor agreement, Greggie had been announced as new lead manager and at his return from the military, he found a broken and dissolving community.

It was quite a mess, but being the new lead, Greggie accepted the challenge of reviving Insane Gaming. The shards were brought back together and even if the appearance was not the same as before, it clearly was moving again.

The Present

After much effort and investment there is now stability around and as sign for greater adjustments Insane Gaming changes its name to Lostik.

This isn't just to show that we are leaving the past behind, but also that the members and methods are different. Insane Gaming changes its name to Lostik because of several reasons, but mainly there are two:

Insane Gaming was founded by Kurome, but since he is not in a leading position anymore we don't want to keep riding his unfullfilled vision. Instead we have new members and managers who are evolving our community, meanwhile we also want to stop others from thinking that Kurome is still part or even leading our community.

The other reason is the advantages a new name brings, Insane gaming already had reputation, which is linked towards previous members who have left. As Lostik we keep part of the reputation while announcing big changes and showing the world that we are not put on ice or stagnating, but that we are making progress.